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Putinka Limited Edition is a specimen of a combination of high technologies and manual work. No more than 100,000 bottles of this drink are filled and packed at a specially equipped "souvenir workshop" of the "Crystal" plant, a vodka landmark since the Soviet times. The lion share of the vodka is produced for export. In Russia, "Putinka Limited Edition" is available on sale in premium chain stores and boutiques. A special receipt combines the refined softness of a diplomat and the strength of a determined leader.

"Putinka Limited Edition" contains only the best grain alcohol of selected wheat grades, which is produced on special lines capable to produce 99% surgical spirit. Before filling, all bottles are rinsed with vodka to guarantee absolute precision of 40% alcohol in each bottle. Thanks to a multistage purification system of artesian water the drink is truly crystal clear.

The product has a pure vodka aroma and soft taste.

Putinka Limited Edition is kosher even without certification on the label.

Ingredients: ethyl rectified spirit “Lux”, pure specially prepared water, sugar, extracts of oats and cedar nut.

Vodka Putinka Limited Edition 0,7 l

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ABV: 40.00%
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                 PUTINKA AWARDS
 ·         Gold medal of Moscow Wine & Spirit Competition Gold medal of Moscow Wine & Spirit Competition International Tasting Competition.
·         Gold quality medal of Russian Sommelier Experts Union.
·         Grand Prix for high product quality of Beverages industry 3rd International forum.
·         Grand Prix of PRODEXPO 11 and 12 International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials.
·         Trophy top award of the International Wine&Spirit Competition.
·         All-Russian Brand 14th International Exhibition. Gold quality mark.
·         The most popular and dynamically developing brand of the decade — Honourary diploma.
·         Superbrand title.
·         Grand Prix of Moscow Wine & Spirit Competition International Tasting Competition.
·         National glory 16th International Exhibition. Platinum quality mark.
·         Vodka Standard VII and VIII Product of the year National award.
·         Grand Prix of The best drink of the year Tasting Competition.
·         Grand Prix of ROSAGRO VI Spring.
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